The Miracle League of the Triangle, by Melissa Zemcik

Based out of Cary, North Carolina, the Miracle League of the Triangle represents one of the more than 250 Miracle Leagues providing children with special needs across the world with the opportunity to play baseball. This branch caters to the state’s “Research Triangle,” which encompasses 13 counties. North Carolina business leaders Robin Rose and Tony … Continue reading

Thank a Teacher!

During this time of giving thanks I think the wreath below is a great way to thank a teacher– someone who each and every one of us at some point along the way benefited from the knowledge, and perhaps more importantly, patience of.  It’s a simple design yet strikingly vibrant- Crayola colors in every color complimented with … Continue reading

Veterans Day Every Day

I purposely decided to write this after Veterans Day was over with to illustrate that the thanks and gratitude that so many Americans so generously display for our service members, both past and present, on the actual day shouldn’t stop there.  Being married to a Veteran, going through a year-long deployment, and living in military … Continue reading

Happy Haunting Door!

Another addition to our Halloween collection to spook up the night tomorrow– a Frankenstein-esque door decoration done using only paper ribbon, colored duct tape, felt, and paper plates. There are a number of ideas out there, so everyone can put their own creative touch on this Halloween classic. It’s simple, only takes a few minutes, … Continue reading

Halloween is Upon Us!!

Halloween is upon us and in a few nights neighborhoods near and far will be filled with kids (both young and old in some cases) chasing both candy and that special feeling of being spooked!  Halloween has always been one of the best decorating holidays out there, and this year I decided to continue with … Continue reading