Veterans Day Every Day

I purposely decided to write this after Veterans Day was over with to illustrate that the thanks and gratitude that so many Americans so generously display for our service members, both past and present, on the actual day shouldn’t stop there.  Being married to a Veteran, going through a year-long deployment, and living in military towns for several years has given me a unique perspective that comes with being directly connected to military life.  I see it as a unique opportunity to let others know that after the parades are over, after the care packages are sent, after the football field size flags are rolled back up after Sunday’s games, there are still brave men and women doing great work in some of the most not-so-pleasant places around the world– and they are all deserving of our appreciation throughout the rest of the year.  So for those who made even the smallest gesture in observance of Veterans Day this year thank you; I can say from firsthand experience that it most definitely is appreciated not only by those in uniform but also by the families that stand beside them.  For all of us our goal should be to make this appreciation similarly known again and again before next November rolls around, because after all the work for our Troops doesn’t stop, so neither should our support!

Home from Deployment!


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