Throwing a Bridal Shower on a Budget, Melissa Zemcik

Being a bridesmaid is an exciting time, but it can also be a pricey one. When you take into account the dress, shoes, parties, and gifts, the costs tend to pile up quickly. Luckily, it is possible to throw a beautiful bridal shower without spending a fortune. When it comes to location, invitations, decorations, food, and games, you can implement cost-saving tips to throw a fabulous party on a dime.

First, the time and location are of utmost importance. Hosting a midmorning shower at a free venue will greatly lower the cost. Rather than a restaurant or country club, throw the shower at a home, backyard, park, or the beach. Also, when you host the shower early in the day, guests will not expect a full meal or alcoholic beverages. Finger foods, along with coffee, tea, or sodas, will be elegant and adequate.

When it comes to invitations, decorations, and games, do-it-yourself crafts can easily save a fortune. After designing at home, print the invitations on decorative paper and assemble them yourself. Also, use dollar store items such as streamers, balloons, candles, and vases to decorate the shower and create centerpieces. Last, there are a number of free printables online for fun games such as bridal bingo and trivia. All of this extra effort and creativity will not go unnoticed by the bride, the guests, or your bank account.

About the author: Melissa Zemcik has a passion for do-it-yourself crafts and offers extensive knowledge of home decorating. With a background in education, Melissa Zemcik presently focuses on charity work, military support, and DIY decorating.


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