Melissa Zemcik with Do-It-Yourself Craft Ideas for the Holiday Season

With Christmas around the corner, you might be looking for ways to dress your house appropriately while saving money for all of the other holiday expenses. Here are some low-cost seasonal decoration ideas:

1. Matchbox Advent Calendar: Use empty matchboxes to make your own advent calendar—stack 25 matchboxes in a pyramid form, with five rows, and cover each row with wrapping paper. Glue the rows together and number the box doors, filling each with a treat.

2. Make your own ornaments: There are so many ways to make ornaments that you could never run out of ideas. To get started, why not try finding pine cones and spray-painting them in festive colors? You can also get glass bulbs on the cheap and then decorate them with paint.

3. Photo wreath: This decoration is both festive and meaningful—hot-glue some favorite family photos to a wire circle to create a photo wreath. It is recommended that you use copies to avoid ruining the originals.

Hopefully I’ve inspired you to start doing some crafting of your own this holiday season. Good luck!

About the author: Melissa Zemcik is an avid crafter who especially enjoys making great-looking home decorations that are surprisingly inexpensive. She loves impressing her friends with her new creations. She is also an accomplished kindergarten teacher and tutor.


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