About Melissa Zemcik

Private tutor in the Holy Springs, NC area helping elementary-aged children excel in language arts and math.  Previously served as lead kindergarten teacher at the Goddard School in Apex, NC.  While at Goddard Melissa Zemcik led classrooms of up to 25 children over a three-year period, implementing an appropriate curriculum, evaluating student performance, and engaging with parents in strategies for continued success. She found that the most satisfying aspect of her position involved moments where she was able to open children’s eyes to new concepts and ideas.

Melissa Zemcik graduated from high school in Riverside, Ohio, in 1999, and earned distinction as an honor-roll varsity basketball, softball, and track and field athlete. Her love of sports continues to this day, and she works out regularly on the treadmill and with kettle-balls to stay in shape. Ms. Zemcik completed her education with a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education at Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio.

A defining aspect of Melissa Zemcik’s life involves military support activities that reflect her husband’s seven years of service in the U.S. Army. With her husband deployed in Afghanistan shortly after their marriage, Ms. Zemcik gained strength from military family support networks that helped her endure long stretches of separation. With her husband now out of the Army, she continues to volunteer with nonprofits such as the local Military Family Support Group and Operation Homefront.

In her free time, Melissa Zemcik enjoys home decorating for holidays and other special events. Hosting a recent bridal shower for a close friend, Ms. Zemcik created a full complement of decorations including a vase centerpiece, a wedding color-coordinated banner, and take-home cake pop favors. She supports a number of charities, including Miracle League of the Triangle, which assists children with special needs in playing baseball.


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